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19_InstSolManual_PDF_Part21 - Current Resistance and...

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19.82. Set Up: Use a network of resistors that has Each resistor can dissipate less than 2.00 W but the total power is the sum of the powers for each resistor so it can be 2.00 W. Solve: (a) and (b) One possible network is two in parallel in series with two in parallel, as shown in Figure 19.82. Each parallel combination has an equivalent resistance of so these two units in series have an equivalent resist- ance of The current is the same in each resistor so each resistor dissipates the same power. If each resistor dissipates 0.50 W, then the network dissipates 2.00 W. Other combinations also give the desired resistance and power rating, such as two in series in parallel with two in series. Figure 19.82 19.83. Set Up: Since they are in parallel, the voltage across each device is 120 V. The total current drawn from the outlet is the sum of the individual currents. Solve: (a) Toaster: Frypan: Lamp: (b) This is greater than 20 A and the circuit breaker will blow.
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