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Solve: is perpendicular to both and so is either toward the top of the page or toward the bottom of the page. If is toward the top of the page, as shown in Figure 20.2b, then when you apply the right-hand rule your thumb points into the page. This is the specified direction of so is directed as shown in Figure 20.2b. gives 20.3. Set Up: The directions of and are shown in Figure 20.3. A proton has charge In part (a), An electron has charge Figure 20.3 Solve: (a) The right-hand rule says is into the page in Figure 20.3. (b) F is maximum when when is perpendicular to F is minimum when or when is either parallel or antiparallel to (c) is the same for an electron and a proton, so the same as for a proton. Since the proton and electron have charges of opposite sign, the forces on them are in opposite directions. The force on the electron is directed out of the page in Figure 20.3. Reflect: Only the component of perpendicular to contributes to the magnetic force. Therefore, this force is zero
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