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College Physics, Young,Geller CH20-CH24

College Physics, Young,Geller CH20-CH24 - Magnetic Field...

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20.31. Set Up: The direction of is given by the right-hand rule applied to the directions of I and Solve: (a) segment da: and segment ab: and The directions of I, and are shown in Figure 20.31a. is directed into the page. segment bc: and segment cd: and The directions of I, and are shown in Figure 20.31b. is directed out of the page. Figure 20.31 (b) and are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. Their vector sum is zero and the net force on the entire circuit is zero. Reflect: The net force on any current loop in a uniform magnetic field is zero. 20.32. Set Up: The direction of the magnetic force on each current segment in the field is shown in Figure 20.32. By symmetry, and are in opposite directions so their vector sum is zero. The net force equals For and Figure 20.32 Solve: The net force is 1.80 N, directed to the left. 20.33. Set Up:
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