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20_InstSolManual_PDF_Part12 - 20-12 Chapter 20 Solve Fa 5...

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Solve: Since and are in the same direction their vector sum has magnitude and is directed toward the bottom of the page in Figure 20.33a. and is directed to the right. The vector addition diagram for and is given in Figure 20.33b. and The net force has magnitude 0.724 N and its direction is specified by in Figure 20.33b. Reflect: All three current segments are perpendicular to the magnetic field, so for each in the force equa- tion. The direction of the force on a segment depends on the direction of the current for that segment. 20.34. Set Up: The direction of the magnetic force is given by the right-hand rule applied to the directions of I and The torque due to a force equals the force times the moment arm, the perpendicular distance between the axis and the line of action of the force. Solve: (a) The direction of the magnetic force on each segment of the circuit is shown in Figure 20.34. For segments bc and da the current is parallel or antiparallel to the field and the force on these segments is zero. Figure 20.34
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