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21.3. Set Up: Since the field is uniform over the plane of the coil, Solve: Half the flux means half the area, so with This gives 21.4. Set Up: A is constant and B is changing. Solve: (a) (b) 21.5. Set Up: A is constant and B is changing. Solve: 21.6. Set Up: is the flux through each turn of the coil. Solve: (a) The total flux through the coil is (b) 21.7. Set Up: is the angle between the normal to the loop and so and Solve: Reflect: The flux changes because the orientation of the coil relative to the magnetic field changes. 21.8. Set Up: and Solve: 21.9. Set Up: Since the field is uniform, Since the plane of the circuit is perpendicular to the field, and A is constant and B is changing, so and The current in the circuit is given by Ohm’s law, Solve: Reflect: The induced emf depends on the rate of change of the flux so it depends on the rate at which B is changing. It does not depend on the initial magnitude of the field. I
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