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21_InstSolManual_PDF_Part3 - Electromagnetic Induction 21-3...

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21.10. Set Up: At let the plane of the coil be perpendicular to the magnetic field, so at Then where is the angular velocity of the coil. B Since the field is uniform, A sketch of is given in Figure 21.10a. Figure 21.10 Solve: (a) The instantaneous value of the induced emf equals the rate of change of the flux and this is the slope of the curve in Figure 21.10a. From point A to point B this slope is negative and increasing in magnitude and from B to C it is negative and decreasing in magnitude. From point C to D this slope is positive and increasing and from D to E it is positive and decreasing. After point E the behavior of repeats. Therefore, the induced emf increases and decreases periodically and reverses sign. (b) The induced emf versus time is sketched in Figure 21.10b. 21.11. Set Up: The maximum emf is produced when the opposite sides of the coil are moving perpendicular to the field with speed The maximum emf induced in each of the two sides on one turn is The maximum total emf is
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