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21_InstSolManual_PDF_Part12 - 21-12 Chapter 21 Solve(a U 5...

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21.51. Set Up: The stored energy is The rate at which thermal energy is dissipated is Solve: (a) (b) (c) No. If I is constant then the stored energy U is constant. The energy being consumed by the resistance of the induc- tor comes from the emf source that maintains the current; it does not come from the energy stored in the inductor. 21.52. Set Up: The time constant is The current as a function of time is The energy stored in the inductor is Solve: (a) (b) The maximum current is when and is equal to (c) (d) 21.53. Set Up: The loop rule applied to the circuit gives the voltage across the inductor. The current as a function of time is given by At at Solve: (a) At and (b) At and Initially, the voltage across the resistor is zero, and the full battery emf appears across the inductor. (c) The time constant is When (d) When Reflect: Initially and the full battery voltage is across the inductor. After a long time, the full battery voltage is across the resistor. 21.54. Set Up:
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