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21_InstSolManual_PDF_Part16 - 21.66 Set Up The magnetic...

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Unformatted text preview: 21.66. Set Up: The magnetic field of the long wire has magnitude and is directed into the page at the location of the loop. when is perpendicular to the conductor and when is parallel to the conductor. Lenz’s law says the flux of the induced current opposes the change in flux. The direction of the magnetic force on the positive charges in each side of the loop is given by applying the right-hand rule to and Label the sides of the loop as shown in Figure 21.66. Figure 21.66 Solve: (a) The velocity is parallel to sides 1 and 3 so there is no emf in those sides. The emf in side 2 is and is directed to produce a counterclockwise current. The emf in side 1 is and is directed to produce a clockwise current. The emfs in these two sides are in opposite directions so the net emf is (b) (i) Lenz’s law: The magnetic field is into the page and the flux through the loop is decreasing as the loop moves toward the smaller field. Therefore, the magnetic field of the induced current is into the page inside the loop and totoward the smaller field....
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