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21.68. Set Up: When the switch is closed current flows counterclockwise in the circuit on the left, from the positive plate of the capacitor. The current decreases as a function of time, as the charge and voltage of the capacitor decrease. The direction of the current induced in circuit A is given by Lenz’s law. Solve: At loop A the magnetic field from the wire of the other circuit adjacent to A is into the page. The magnetic field of this current is decreasing, as the current decreases. Therefore, the magnetic field of the induced current in A is directed into the page inside A and to produce a magnetic field in this direction the induced current is clockwise. 21.69. Set Up: The energy densities to each field are and Solve: says 21.70. Set Up: Closing and simultaneously opening produces an L - C circuit with initial current through the inductor of 3.50 A. When the current is a maximum the charge q on the capacitor is zero and when the charge q is a maximum the current is zero. Conservation of energy says that the maximum energy
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