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22_InstSolManual_PDF_Part1 - ALTERNATING CURRENT 22 8 A 9 D...

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22-1 A LTERNATING C URRENT 22 Answers to Multiple-Choice Problems 1. D 2. D 3. A 4. E 5. A 6. D 7. B 8. A 9. D 10. C 11. C 12. B, C, D 13. C, D 14. D 15. D Solutions to Problems 22.1. Set Up: I is the current amplitude, the maximum value of the current. Solve: gives Reflect: The current amplitude is larger than the root-mean square current. 22.2. Set Up: The specified value is the root-mean-square current; and (a) (b) (c) Since the current is positive half of the time and negative half of the time, its average value is zero. (d) Since is the square root of the average of the average square of the current is 22.3. Set Up: The reactance of an inductor is The reactance of the capacitor is The frequency f is in Hz. Solve: (a) (b) (c) (d) Reflect: decreases when C increases; increases when L increases. 22.4. Set Up: The reactance of an inductor is
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