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22.9. Set Up: For a resistor For an inductor, For a capacitor, Solve: The graphs are sketched in Figures 22.9a-c. The phasor diagrams are given in Figure 22.9d. Figure 22.9 Reflect: For a resistor only in the circuit, the current and voltage in phase. For an inductor only, the voltage leads
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Unformatted text preview: the current by For a capacitor only, the voltage lags the current by 90°. 90°. I V R resistor I V L inductor I V C capacitor ( a ) t ( b ) t ( c ) t v R i v L v C i i ( d ) V cos 1 v t 2 90° 2 . v C 5 v L 5 V cos 1 v t 1 90° 2 . v R 5 iR . Alternating Current 22-3...
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