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23.31. Set Up: The law of reflection says that Solve: The point and mirror are shown in Figure 23.31. The law of reflection is used to trace two rays after they reflect from the mirror. If each ray is traced backward after reflection, they both appear to come from point and that is the image of P . and so Figure 23.31 23.32. Set Up: In air, In glass, Solve: (a) (b) 23.33. Set Up: Solve: 23.34. Set Up: The frequency of light doesn’t change when it passes from one material into another. Solve: (a) Range is 299 nm to 522 nm. (b) Calculate the frequency in air, where Range is to (c) v 5 c n 5 3.00 3 10 8 m / s 1.34 5 2.24 3 10 8 m / s 7.50 3 10 14
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