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23.35. Set Up: From Table 23.1, and Solve: (a) (b) Reflect: is smallest in benzene, since n is largest for benzene. 23.36. Set Up: Solve: which is constant, so 23.37. Set Up: and Solve: (a) which is constant, so (b) which is constant. Reflect: As increases, n decreases and v increases. 23.38. Set Up: The light refracts from the liquid into the glass, so Solve: and 23.39. Set Up: The angle of incidence is The light refracts from air into the glass, so and Solve: so the reflected ray makes an angle of with the surface of the glass. (b) and The refracted ray makes an angle of with the surface of the glass. 23.40. Set Up: Solve: The time for the beam traveling in air to reach the detector is The light traveling in the block takes time The speed of light in the block is The refractive index of the block is 23.41. Set Up: Snell’s law is Light is incident in material a and refracts into material b .
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