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24_InstSolManual_PDF_Part4 - 24-4 Chapter 24 24.8 Set Up...

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24.8. Set Up: For a concave mirror and Solve: (a) (b) The image is 74.8 cm in front of the mirror and is 25.5 mm tall. (c) The image formation by the mirror is determined by the law of reflection and that is unaffected by the medium in which the light is traveling. The focal length remains 17.0 cm. 24.9. Set Up: For a convex mirror, so and Solve: (a) (b) The height of the image is much less than the height of the car, so the car appears to be farther away than its actual distance. Reflect: Problem 24.11 shows that the image formed by a convex mirror is always virtual and smaller than the object. 24.10. Set Up: so m will be positive and the image will be erect when is negative. When is positive the image will be inverted. Solve: (a) When s is very large, is very small and Therefore, and the image is at the focal point. (b) For a convex mirror, so and the image is erect. For a concave mirror, so and the image is inverted. 24.11. Set Up: If the image is virtual. If then the image is smaller than the object. For a convex mirror, Solve: (a) since so
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