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24.20. Set Up: (the refractive index of the liquid). Solve: 24.21. Set Up: Solve: The image is 14.8 cm to the right of the vertex and is 0.578 mm tall. so the image is inverted. Reflect: The image is real. 24.22. Set Up: Solve: The image is 8.35 cm to the left of the vertex and is 0.325 mm tall. so the image is erect. 24.23. Set Up: Light comes from the fish to the person’s eye. Figure 24.23 shows the object and the refracting surface. Figure 24.23 Solve: (a) The fish’s image is 14.0 cm to the left of the bowl surface so is at the center of the bowl and the magnification is 1.33. (b) The focal point is at the image location when is greater than the diameter of the bowl, so the surface facing the sun- light does not focus the sunlight to a point inside the bowl. The focal point is outside the bowl and there is no danger to the fish. Reflect: In part (b) the rays refract when they exit the bowl back into the air so the image we calculated is not the final image. s
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