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24.24. Set Up: The image formed by refraction at the surface of the eye is located by For a distant object, and Solve: (a) and and (b) and and The image is formed behind the retina. (c) Calculate for and The image is formed in front of the retina. 24.25. Set Up: The surface is flat so and The light travels from the speck to the eye, so and Solve: The speck appears to be 2.67 cm below the surface. 24.26. Set Up: The object is the bird. is the image distance, measured from the surface of the lake. For refraction at a plane surface, Solve: The image of the bird is 9.3 m above the surface of the lake, so it is above the diver. 24.27. Set Up: The surface is flat so and The light travels from the fish to the eye, so and When the fish is viewed, The fish is above the mirror, so the image of the fish is 13.0 cm below the mirror and below the surface of the water. When the image is viewed, Solve: (a) The apparent depth is 5.25 cm. (b)
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