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(c) For (i) (ii) (d) (i) (ii) 25.51. Set Up: The angle subtended (in radians) is height divided by distance from the eye. Solve: (a) (b) This is only a bit smaller than the typical experimental value of 1.0 min. Reflect: The angle subtended by the object equals the angular size of the image. 25.52. Set Up: When a single lens is used as a magnifier, a virtual image is formed and Solve: and Then gives and The flea is 3.38 cm from the lens and the image is 22.0 cm from the lens, on the same side of the lens as the flea. 25.53. Set Up: Your near point is the closest distance at which you can clearly focus on a object and your far point is the greatest distance at which you can clearly focus on an object. To illustrate the solution, assume a near point of 75 cm and a far point of 4.0 m. Solve: (a) Measure the near point and far point distance. The answers will vary from person to person. (b) Assume contact lenses. Close-up vision:
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