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25.59. Set Up: The person’s eye cannot focus on anything closer than 85.0 cm. The problem asks us to find the location of an object such that his old lenses produce a virtual image 85.0 cm from his eye. Solve: (a) so The image is 85.0 cm from his eye so is 83.0 cm from the eyeglass lens. The object is 28.9 cm from the eyeglasses so is 30.9 cm from his eyes. (c) Now Reflect: The old glasses allow him to focus on objects as close as about 30 cm from his eyes. This is much better than a closest distance of 85 cm with no glasses, but his current glasses probably allow him to focus as close as 25 cm. 25.60. Set Up: Solve: (a) (b) so (c) is the angular size of the object; 25.61. Set Up: For a double-convex lens, and The length of the telescope is Solve: (a) Find the focal length of each lens. and and The largest magnification would be with as the objective and as the eyepiece. (b) The length of the telescope would be 25.62. Set Up: Jupiter has a diameter of For a spherical mirror so We want
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