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Solve: (a) (b) and 26.39. Set Up: The bright fringes are located at angles of deviation given by The separation d between adjacent slits in the grating is Solve: (a) line: and line: and (b) line: and line: and Reflect: Light of longer wavelength is deflected through a larger angle. 26.40. Set Up: Maxima are located by The largest value can have is 1.00. Solve: (a) Set and solve for m : The largest is 3, so there are 7 bright spots . (b) and 26.41. Set Up: The bright spots are located by Third-order means and second-order means Solve: so and Reflect: The third-order line for a particular occurs at a larger angle than the second-order line. In a given order, the lines for violet light (400 nm) occurs at a smaller angle than the line for red light (700 nm). 26.42. Set Up: The visible spectrum ranges between 400 nm and 700 nm. The maxima are located by so the largest is for the largest The problem requires that for and Solve for d . Solve:
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