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26_InstSolManual_PDF_Part16 - 26-16 Chapter 26 26.69 Set Up...

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26.69. Set Up: The bright fringes are located by First-order means The line density is The largest appears at the largest If the line is at then the line is to be at Solve: so so This gives and The line density is Reflect: and the second order pattern doesn’t include all of the visible spectrum. The first order is the only order that displays the entire visible spectrum. 26.70. Set Up: For destructive interference the net phase difference must be which is one-half a period, or In phase, A is or ahead of B . At points above the centerline, points are closer to A than to B and the signal from A gains phase relative to B because of the path difference. Destructive interference will occur when 1, At points at an angle below the centerline, the signal from B gains phase relative to A because of the phase difference. Destructive interference will occur when 1, Solve: Points above the centerline: Points below the centerline: 26.71.
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