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27.28. Set Up: Solve: (a) says (b) says 27.29. Set Up: The total energy of the radiation equals the total rest mass energy of the particles. Solve: 27.30. Set Up: The rest energy of a proton is Solve: Equation 27.21 says Since is very large, is very close to c . 27.31. Set Up: The work done equals the change in kinetic energy. Solve: (a) (b) Reflect: Much more work is required in part (b), even though the increase in speed is the same in both cases. 27.32. Set Up: If is the mass change in the reaction, the energy released is Solve: The number of deuterium nuclei in 1.0 kg of deuterium is The fusion forms helium nuclei. The mass of the helium nuclei that are produced is (b) 1 kg of deuterium yields To produce requires 27.33. Set Up: The energy equivalent of mass is For a cube, Solve: (a) (b) so Reflect: Particle/antiparticle annihilation has been observed in the laboratory, but only with small quantities of antimatter. 27.34. Set Up:
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