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Solve: (a) 26 ns is measured in the frame. (b) The length of the tube in the meson’s frame must be is very close to c , so gives (c) Reflect: Note that the proper time for the lifetime of the muon is measured in the rest frame of the muon but the proper length of the tube is measured in the earth’s frame. 27.40. Set Up: The lifetime is and the observer on earth measures The atmosphere is moving relative to the muon so in its frame the height of the atmosphere is l and is 10 km. Solve: (a) The greatest speed the muon can have is c , so the greatest distance it can travel in is (b) In the frame of the earth the muon can travel 15 km in the atmosphere during its lifetime. (c) In the frame of the muon the height of the atmosphere is less than the distance it moves during its lifetime. 27.41. Set Up: is very close to c and we must use relativistic expressions. Solve: Reflect: The nonrelativistic values are and Each relativistic result is much larger. 27.42. Set Up:
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