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(c) This is 63 times the U.S. yearly use. The energy cost of accelerating a rocket to these speeds is immense. 27.49. Set Up: and Equation 27.24 says Solve: (a) says (b) so and If is neglected, the left side of Equa- tion 27.24 is and the right side is The percent difference is Reflect: The total energy of a particle increases without limit as 27.50. Set Up: The energy released is The change in gravitational potential energy is Solve: (a) (b) (c) 27.51. Set Up: For an electron The classical expression for kinetic energy is Solve: (a) (b) gives Reflect: At a given speed the relativistic value of the kinetic energy is larger than the nonrelativistic value. There- fore, for a given kinetic energy the relativistic expression for kinetic energy gives a smaller speed than the nonrela- tivistic expression. 27.52. Set Up: K in electronvolts equals in volts. For an electron The classical expression for kinetic energy is Solve: (a) (b) E 5 K 1 mc 2 5 1.60 3 10 5 eV 1 5.12 3 10 5 eV 5 6.72 3 10 5
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