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28.53. Set Up: The energy of a photon is Solve: (a) The dissociation energy of one AgBr molecule is The photon energy is 1.04 eV. (b) (c) (d) For The radio station produces a large number of photons but they individually have far too little energy to dissociate a AgBr molecule. Reflect: The frequency or wavelength of the radiation determines the energy of each photon. For fixed frequency, increasing the power output of the source increases the number of photons emitted per second but doesn’t change the energy of each photon. 28.54. Set Up: The values are: The graph of versus is given in Figure 28.54. Figure 28.54 Solve: (a) The threshold frequency, is where From the graph this is (b) (c) (d) so The slope of the graph is and 28.55. Set Up: For the hydrogen atom the ionization energy, the energy to just free an electron that is initially in the ground state, is 13.6 eV. The kinetic energy of the released electrons is Solve: Reflect: The electron must receive enough energy (the ionization energy) from one photon to free it from the atom.
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