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28_InstSolManual_PDF_Part14 - 28.56 Set Up The energy of...

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Unformatted text preview: 28.56. Set Up: The energy of the photon absorbed or emitted equals the transition energy of the atom. Solve: (a) The ground level has energy if the ionization threshold is where The other levels are 2.0 eV, 5.0 eV and 9.0 eV above the ground level, so are at and The energy level dia- gram is sketched in Figure 28.56a. Figure 28.56 (b) After the 9.0 eV photon is absorbed the atom is in the state with The subsequent transitions and the transition energies are shown in Figure 28.56b. The possible photon energies are 2.0 eV, 3.0 eV, 4.0 eV, 5.0 eV, 7.0 eV, and 9.0 eV. 28.57. Set Up: The line in the Balmer series corresponds to the to transition. Solve: (a) The atom must be given an amount of energy (b) There are three possible transitions. and and and 28.58. Set Up: For a monatomic gas, the average translational kinetic energy of an atom is The ionization energy for the ground state of a hydrogen atom is Solve: and 28.59. Set Up: with Conservation of energy and conservation of momentum apply to the collision. Momentum is a vector and each of its components is conserved. A photon hasof momentum apply to the collision....
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