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29.5. Set Up: For the N shell Solve: (a) The smallest l is so (b) The largest l is so (c) Let the chosen direction be the z axis. The largest m is (d) The maximum value is (e) Reflect: The orbital and spin angular momenta are of comparable sizes. 29.6. Set Up: d means and means Solve: (a) There are ten 3 d states: with for each. (b) There are no states. These states would have But the maximum l is and doesn’t occur for 29.7. Set Up: g means with and Solve: (a) There are eighteen 5 g states: with for each. (b) The largest is for the most negative The most negative is and (c) The smallest is for the largest positive which is and Reflect: The minimum angle between and the z axis is for and for that 29.8. Set Up: Classically, For a solid uniform sphere, For an electron, Solve: gives Note that gives that a point on the surface has which greatly exceeds the speed of light. 29.9. Set Up: Solve: 29.10. Set Up: Solve: (a) (b) There are 25 combinations of l , values. For each, s can be or Therefore,
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