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Problem 29.22 states that the spacing of adjacent atoms for NaCl is 0.282 nm. The spacing is larger for KBr, because the K and Br atoms contain more electrons and have larger atomic radii than Na and Cl. Reflect: In a solid the atoms are closely packed together and the average spacing between atoms is approximately equal to the average diameter of the atoms. 29.24. Set Up: If the circuit element obeys Ohm’s law, R is independent of I . Solve: This behavior of the graph shows that I is in the reverse direction if the applied voltage is in the reverse direc- tion, but for reverse bias the current is small. For an ordinary resistor that obeys Ohm’s law, a reverse voltage gives
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Unformatted text preview: the same magnitude of I as for a forward voltage of the same magnitude. The I versus V graph for an ohmic resistor is sketched in Figure 29.24. Figure 29.24 29.25. Set Up: The resistance is defined to be Solve: (a) The graph of V as a function of I is sketched in Figure 29.25. Figure 29.25 (b) If R is constant the graph of V versus I is a straight line. This is not strictly the case in either region. Reflect: For large forward currents the resistance is approximately constant and very small. For large reverse bias currents the resistance is approximately constant and very large. V I R 5 V I . I V R 5 V / I . Atoms, Molecules, and Solids 29-5...
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