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29_InstSolManual_PDF_Part7 - Atoms Molecules and Solids...

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29.29. Set Up: The ionization potential is the energy required to remove an electron from the atom and is the negative of the binding energy of the atom. Solve: The least bound and outermost electron in the atom moves under the action of the total electric field due to the nucleus and the averaged-out electron cloud of all the electrons. The other electrons approximately screen the outermost electron from the charge of the nucleus. As electrons are removed, this screening is reduced and the outer- most electron in each successive charge state is more tightly bound. Reflect: We could describe the binding energy for a particular electron as where is the effec- tive nuclear charge of the screened nucleus. increases as electrons are removed. 29.30. Set Up: For a sphere with an axis through its center and The tangential speed of a point on the surface is given by Solve: (a) (b) (c) This is much larger than the speed of light.
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