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29.36. Set Up: The electron configurations for Si and O are given in Table 29.3. Solve: Si has two electrons outside a filled shell (two electrons in the 3s subshell and two in the 3p subshell) and O needs two more electrons to have a filled outer shell, so each atom can achieve filled shells by combining in a one-to- one ratio to form SiO. 29.37. Set Up: The total orbital angular momentum is and the component in the z direction is Solve: (a) The maximum is for and is For For for and for (b) No. For a spinning top or planet, is along the axis of spin and if this is chosen as the z axis then for all values of L . Reflect: As l becomes large The classical result is approached as l becomes very large. 29.38. Set Up: The average translational kinetic energy is with Solve: (a) so (b) At and 1 atm of pressure the water would be gas; this temperature is well above the normal boiling point of water. At ordinary temperatures then the molecules don’t have enough kinetic energy to break this bond. Van der Waals forces play an important role in the behavior of water.
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