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30_InstSolManual_PDF_Part7 - Nuclear and High-Energy...

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30.25. Set Up: For x rays, and for protons Sv measures equivalent dose. Solve: (a) Since they have a large RBE, a proton beam requires a smaller absorbed dose for the same equivalent dose. So, use a proton beam. since (b) and Reflect: Protons have a greater biological effect than x rays, if the same amount of energy is delivered to the tissue by each. 30.26. Set Up: Solve: (a) so 0.25 mSv corresponds to 0.25 mGy. (b) so and 10 mrem (c) 30.27. Set Up: For x rays so the equivalent dose in Sv is the same as the absorbed dose in Solve: One whole-body scan delivers One chest x ray delivers It takes chest x rays to deliver the same total energy. 30.28. Set Up: For protons, For alpha particles, Solve: (a) (b) The absorbed energy is Each proton has energy The number of protons absorbed is the energy absorbed divided by the energy of one proton: (c) This is one-fourth the absorbed energy in part (b), so the number of alpha particles absorbed is 30.29. Set Up: For x rays and the equivalent dose equals the absorbed dose.
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