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30.47. Set Up: The energy released is the energy equivalent of the mass decrease. From Table 30.4, the has mass and the has mass Solve: The mass decrease is and the energy equivalent is 105.2 MeV. 30.48. Set Up: p and n have baryon number and has baryon number and all have baryon number zero. Baryon number is conserved if the total baryon number of the products equals the total baryon number of the reactants. Solve: (a) reactants: Products: Not conserved. (b) reactants: Products: Not conserved. (c) reactants: Products: Conserved. (d) reactants: Products: Conserved. 30.49. Set Up: Section 30.9 says the strong interaction is 100 times as strong as the electromagnetic interaction and that the weak interaction is times as strong as the strong interaction. The Coulomb force is and the gravitational force is Solve: (a) (b) (c) (d) Reflect: The gravity force is much weaker than any of the other three forces. Gravity is important only when one very massive object is involved. 30.50. Set Up:
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