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30.52. Set Up: Section 28.4 says For The electrical potential energy of two point charges and separated by a distance r is Solve: (a) In the ground state of (b) The diameter of the nucleus is Approximate the distance between the centers of the protons to be (c) electron-nucleus proton-proton The proton-proton energy is larger by a factor of 70,000, since the proton-proton distance within the nucleus is much smaller than the electron-nucleus distance. 30.53. Set Up: All of the of matter and antimatter is converted to energy. Solve: 30.54. Set Up: equivalent dose For alpha particles, Table 30.3 says The activity is One nucleus has a mass of approximately Solve: (a) The energy absorbed is The (b) (c) (d) 30.55. Set Up: Solve: (a) Each decay produces The source releases Only half of this energy is absorbed, so the energy absorbed per second is (b) The absorbed dose per second is (c) The equivalent dose per second is (d) Reflect: The equivalent dose is less than the absorbed dose since RBE is less than 1.00.
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