Westmont Telescope Viewing Night

Westmont Telescope Viewing Night - This massive telescope...

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Ryan Zmolek Astronomy 1 Extra Credit Assignment Westmont Telescope Viewing Night I went to the Westmont Carroll Observatory for the extra credit viewing night Friday the 20 th . The viewing started at 7:30pm so I didn’t get a very good view of the campus because it was so dark, but I noticed that all the buildings are surrounded by trees. I heard that Westmont recently got a new telescope and I was excited to see it. When walking into the observatory I was amazed at the size of the telescope. The new high-tech 24-inch reflector telescope is one of the most powerful on California's Central Coast. This was a major upgrade from the 16 inch reflector telescope they had been using the past fifty years.
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Unformatted text preview: This massive telescope looked like it cost a fortune and was built in this fancy white dome that opened up for viewing. The college remodeled the observatory for the new computer-controlled telescope which will be more securely mounted to take extended exposure photography. I thought it was very interesting that this viewing takes place in a room below the telescope. I was only aloud to view through the eyepiece but I was able to see some very clear images. I thought the experience was interesting and educational but had too much talking and waiting for the next viewing....
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