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Disaster Event Profile 3 Event Type: Earthquake Location : Middle East, Afghanistan, Hindu Kush Area, Nahrin Lat 35.93N Long 69.19E Urban Area : Rural Village Communities Altitude : around 4,000 meters Topography: Flat desert, except for mountainous Hindu Kush, which goes 900 kilometers through Afghanistan, where the earthquake occured Temporal Data 3/25/2002 2:56 PM (Local) Most Civilians Awake Warning Time : None Duration : Unknown Physical Systems Earth Information: Intensity : Magnitude 6.1 XI Mercalli 143g Acceleration Depth 8 km Type-Cause : Convergence of the Eurasian Plate and Indo-Australian Plate Regional/Local Tectonics: The Hindu Kush region is very seismically active with many surrounding active plates. The plates above have been converging at a rate of 1.8 inches/ year. Composite Effects: The landscape of the Hindu Kush region has been constantly changed by all of the volcanoes. The town of Nahrin was completely destroyed, leaving the landscape of Afghanistan changed forever Event History: The region has been know to have over four earthquakes of magnidtude 5 or more every year. There was a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in almost the same area just 22 days earlier on the 3 rd , yet it only killed 70 because it was at a depth of 280 km. There has been 4 killing earthquakes in the two years proceeding this disaster. 1
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NDC Afghan - Ludwig Event 3 Disaster Event Profile 3 Event...

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