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Newest Beliefs Underlying Media

Newest Beliefs Underlying Media - Zmolek 1 Ryan Zmolek...

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Zmolek 1 Ryan Zmolek Tyler Renshaw Writing 2 November 20, 2008 Beliefs Underlying Media War has occurred between humans since the beginning of time. Throughout the past centuries, weapons have become more technologically advanced and, therefore, harder to defend against. Ballistic Missile Defense in the Bush Defense Review: Problems and Prospects , by William Hartung, and Should the US have attacked Iraq, by Kambiz Akhavan, are both pieces of media that discuss the concepts of war. The messages and core beliefs underlying each piece of media have similarities and differences. The belief presented in William Hartung's media is that a defensive approach to war is also a way of preventing war. Kambiz Akhavan's media discusses why the government justified invading Iraq, but his media differs by discussing the belief that the swift offensive approach to the current war in Iraq caused inaccurate information to be spread throughout the United States. In addition, Akhavan’s media discusses the reaction of the United States citizens when they received the accurate information about the war. Although the Ballistic Missile System and the War in Iraq are decisions made by the government about war, the offensive tactics used
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in the current war in Iraq differ from the defensive tactics used by the Ballistic Missile System. In William Hartung's article, the Ballistic Missile System is a defensive approach to war that will cause a lower production of terrorist weaponry throughout the world. For example, his media states that "President Bush's plans for a ballistic missile system do not entail abandoning Zmolek 2 the grim reality of Mutually Assured Destruction. In their more honest moments, President Bush and his advisors speak of refashioning the balance between defense and
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