ksp1 - 6. Does any Ba(IO 3 ) 2 (Ksp = 1.5x10-9 ) form when...

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CHEM 2B Practice: Solubility Clemens For K sp constants for the problems, please see the table in ch 18 of your textbook. 1. For each of the following compounds, write a Ksp expression: a) Magnesium carbonate b) Iron (II) hydroxide c) calcium phosphate 2. The solubility of magnesium phosphate is 2.27x10 -3 g/L, what is the K sp for magnesium phosphate? 3. The solubility of AgOCN is 7mg/100mL. What is the K sp ? 4. Calculate the solubility of lead (II) iodide in water, given that its K sp at 25 o c is 7.1x10 -9 . b) Calculate the solubility of Lead (II) iodide in 0.10M sodium iodide.
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5. If 27.00mL of 0.0010M NaCl and 73.0mL of 0.0040M AgNO 3 are mixed, will a precipitate form? Please use the Ksp chart in ch. 18 if you need it.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Does any Ba(IO 3 ) 2 (Ksp = 1.5x10-9 ) form when 6.5mg of BaCl 2 is dissolve din 500.mL of 0.033M NaIO 3 ? 7. If 0.010M Fe(NO 3 ) 3 is mixed with 0.01M NH 3 , will a precipitate (Fe(OH) 3 ) form? 8. Sodium chloride is added to a solution of 0.020M Pb(NO 3 ) 2 and 0.0010M AgNO 3 . In what order would the ions precipitate as sodium chloride is added? b) what [Cl-] is needed to precipitate each ion? 9. If you had a mixture of containing Fe 2+ and Zn 2+ , what could you add to selectively precipitate the ions? In what order would they ppt? 10. When 0.82g of ZnCl 2 is dissolved in 255mL of 0.150M NaCN, what are the [Zn 2+ ], [CN-], [Zn(CN) 4 2-] at equilibrium? K f of Zn(CN) 4 2-is 4.2x10 19 ....
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ksp1 - 6. Does any Ba(IO 3 ) 2 (Ksp = 1.5x10-9 ) form when...

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