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Study Guide, Chapters 15-18

Study Guide, Chapters 15-18 - CHAPTER 15 A People Isabella...

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CHAPTER 15 A. People Isabella and Ferdinand: Cristoforo Colombo: B. Places Portugal Spain Africa Ceuta Malacca C. Terms monsoon caravel: a ship that was the depth of a cog (cargo room and room for ballast) and the sleek lines and some of the speed of a galley; cogs were merchant ships that were wide, deep, and rolly and were used on the Atlantic; galleys were long and shallow and were used on the Mediterranean magnetic compass astrolabe: “star catcher” – finds position using the heavens (moon, stars) D. Events capture of Ceuta 1415 discovery of Caribbean Islands 1492 CHAPTER 16 A. People Henry IV i. Reforms 1. squash nobility 2. improve transportation – systemizes the roads 3. lower taxes on lower classes 4. work on paying off the national debt ii. born a Protestant, became a Catholic – “Paris is worth a mass” iii. didn’t become intolerant – Edict of Nantes – religious toleration iv. 1610 – stabbed to death by a religious fanatic Duc de Sully: Prime Minister for Henry IV Maria de Medici: Henry’s son, Louis XIII, was a child, so his mother Maria de Medici, became regent Cardinal Richelieu: i. prime minister to Louis XIII; believed the king should be the center of everything, absolute monarchy – supremacy of the king ii. Provided himself with a successor – Cardinal Mazarin – advisor to Louis XIII Louis XIII i. Squashing nobles ii. Centralizing state
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iii. Keeping a suspicious eye on all 32 provinces – intendants – lesser nobility/bourgeoisie (middle class) iv. Dealing with those Protestants – 1625 Huguenot revolt
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Study Guide, Chapters 15-18 - CHAPTER 15 A People Isabella...

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