We take care of all vital aspects of the supply chain

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Unformatted text preview: We take care of all vital aspects of the supply chain so that our customers - leading retailers and brands - can focus on their customers.” retailers Example: Li and Fung Dimensions of Quality Dimensions Performance Features Reliability Conformance Durability Serviceability Aesthetics Perceived Quality Total Quality Management Total An integrated, principle-based, organization-wide An strategy for improving product and service quality; strategy Customer focus and satisfaction Continuous improvement and reduction of variation Teamwork Six-Sigma Paradigm Six sigma quality is a quality measure that allows only 3.4 Six defects per million of opportunities. defects 6 Sigma 3.4 230 6,210 66,800 308,538 690,000 50 150 250 350 450 550 650 750 Sigma Quality Level 5 Sigma 4 Sigma 3 Sigma 2 Sigma 1 Sigma Defects Per Million Parts (000) Take-Aways Take-Aways Operations management refers to the set of Operations activities by which an enterprise transforms resources into the products and services it offers; resources Operations management comprises: Location Layout Quality management Scheduling (including MRP and ERP technologies) Inventory management The tools of continuous improvement and JIT are The an effective way to improve operations consistently and sustainably; consistently...
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