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I. Sociology of Stigma a. Reconceptualization of “deviance” b. Deviance is relational, not inherent c. Social rules create deviance and stigma d. We are all “discreditable” II. Mid-Twentieth Century Social Theory a. Social character b. Conformity and obedience c. Stigma III. Post World War II a. Profound changes in American society IV. Marina Reynolds a. Little Boxes was a critique of the conformist post-war American Dream V. Paradox of Conformity
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Unformatted text preview: a. U.S. rhetoric of individualism vs. our social pressures toward conformity b. Conformity - adjusting ones behavior or thinking to fit a group standard VI. David Riesman: The Lonely Crowd a. Study of social character b. Tradition-direction c. Inner-direction d. Other-direction (shaped by peers, including media) Society changes from production to consumption...
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