10_04 The Commodification of Everyday Life

10_04 The Commodification of Everyday Life - commodities...

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I. The Commodification of Everyday Life a. Corporations turn our lives into commodities or products that we must purchase. b. Braiding of consumerism into “social” and “cultural” life. c. The New Means of Consumption i. Social settings for “commercialization of fun” ii. Encourage us to consume to excess iii. Enchanted character (cathedrals of consumption) iv. Uniform and conformist II. Status a. Accumulated approval or disapproval that people express toward an actor or an object. b. Prestige III. Three Types of Sanctions: a. Force b. Good and services c. Approval and disapproval IV. Emotional Branding a. Brand= company name, logo b. Creating emotional attachments to brand/product. Aura of intangible qualities, such as happiness, satisfaction. V. Culture of Consumption a. Language b. Symbols c. Shared Knowledge d. Traditions
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VI. Consumer culture translates our desires for beauty, freedom, love into a need for
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Unformatted text preview: commodities. VII. Consumer’s Republic (Lizabeth Cohen) a. An economy, culture, and politics built around the promises of mass consumption. We have become “citizens consumers.” VIII. Commercialization of Childhood a. Kids’ purchasing power b. Megacorporations and Childhood i. Disney ii. Viacom (MTV) iii. News Corp (Fox and Fear Factor) iv. AOL Time Warner v. Monopoly=uniformity/conformity c. Advertising and commodification d. Corporate construction of childhood e. More children shop (52%) than: i. Read (42%) ii. Attend church (26%) iii. Attend youth groups (25%) iv. Play outside (17%) v. Engage in household conversation (32%) IX. Cultural/Individual Ambivalence a. Simultaneous mixed feelings X. Individual Resistance a....
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10_04 The Commodification of Everyday Life - commodities...

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