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FS_101_Crs_Outline_F_08 - FS 1101 Science and Technology of...

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FS 1101, Science and Technology of Foods Fall; 1 Credit; Lectures; Stocking Hall 204; Mondays 1:25-2:15pm Instructor: J.H. Hotchkiss, [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Kristin Alongi, [email protected] Course Objective : To introduce students to Food Science as a discipline of study and present an overview of the career opportunities available. Course Content : This course will introduce students to current aspects of Food Science including an introduction to Food Science as a discipline and to highlight career opportunities in Food Science. Lectures will be presented by a variety of experts from the University. Course Web Site: Materials may be available on the course web site: http://courseinfo.cit.cornell.edu/courses/fs1101 : You need to "enroll" at the course web site (see attached handout for instructions). You may wish to copy and bring the outline and materials to class before the lectures. Grading : S-U only. Students will be required to turn-in two questions immediately at the end of each lecture. One true/false exam question based on the content of the lecture will be used for the final exam. A second question must be
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