09_25 Salmon Asch Experiment

09_25 Salmon Asch Experiment - 1 A matter of race ii Up...

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I. Salmon Asch experiment (1958) a. A study of conforment i. People went along with what the group was saying, because they didn’t want to be ridiculed ii. Believed the group was better conformed than they were iii. A need to be liked b. Social conformity i. Obedience to authority ii. Diffusion of responsibility iii. Bystander effect iv. Social cueing 1. When people respond to each other toward conformity a. Packing up before class ends v. Groupthink II. Institutional Racism a. Laws, customs, practices that systematically reflect and produce racial inequalities, regardless of racist intentions i. Domino’s wouldn’t deliver to place in heavy crime area
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Unformatted text preview: 1. A matter of race ii. Up until the 60s or 70s, inequality was written against the wall 1. Easier to see, more visible a. Foundation of contemporary civil rights movements iii. 50 years since public school segregation was illegal (Little Rock) 1. Feared violence if school was mixed races iv. Gender inequality in the workplace v. Hate crime legislation (Matthew Shepherd) 1. Laws creating a law gets an institutional response to inequality/crimes that happen about minority status 2....
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09_25 Salmon Asch Experiment - 1 A matter of race ii Up...

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