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-DSM codes over 300 mental diseases from shyness to video games David Karp: Speaking of Sadness -Medicalization & disconnection + post modernization = personal dislocation -Depression is “disease” of disconnection/dislocation Social fragmentation Pharmaceutical companies = largest corporations in the world DTC spending 2004 rose 500% “Ask your doctor” Branding Drugs Use conventional product advertisement Adverse drug reactions cause 100,000 deaths/year and millions of hospitalizations ie: Vioxx Swimming in Pills FDA approved 1998-2004
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Unformatted text preview: 78% “me-too” drugs 14% new Marketing to convince one “me-too” drug is better than another Nexium = Prilosec => new purple pill! Industry can create misleading images Disease mongering experts redefine what it means to be sick change guidelines such as high blood pressure or cholesterol Big pharmaceutical cos. advertise disorders themselves medicalizing something that is everyday life 1 mil children (<18) taking anti-depressants in 2004 Sarufem = Prozac Main difficulties of medicalization=>we look to biology for the cause instead of envorinmental or social causes Fears of Medical Expansion-Manufacture of needs-Diagnostic bracket creep-Multiplication of defect...
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