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Journalism 2601 - Journalism 2601 What is Journalism And...

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Journalism 2601  20:55 What is Journalism? And what is it for? One definition of a “journalist” is a person who can run swiftly over the next hill, accurately gather information, and engagingly retell it.” Human beings have a basic need for what’s going on What do we do as journalists? We report things that people can’t see or learn for themselves We use different media strategies We cover things that are happening right now We touch people’s emotions and have an impact on their lives We report on things people are interested in We cover history in the making—the “first draft of history.” Journalism different definitions Writing designed for or characteristic of newspapers The business of writing for, editing, or publishing periodicals (such as newspapers) What’s wrong with these definitions? It doesn’t give journalists enough credit, they do much more than just write for specific audiences. Very superficial. Many journalists make an impact on lives. There are investigative journalists that uncover the truth and publish it for the public to read. “The purpose of journalism is not defined by technology or the things they employ” Journalism is the system by which news is delivered, most important is the purpose The primary purpose of journalism is to provide citizens with the information they need to be free and self-governing (GOOD DEFINITION according to Kovach) When Journalists uncovered the truth about the war in Viet Nam… They had to go to court because they didn’t want it published.
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“The founding fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy. The press was to serve the governed, not the governors.” Lee Bollinger, president of UMich: “out of a diversity of voices the people are more likely to know the truth and thus be able to self-govern.” Walter Lippman: “citizens are like theatergoers who arrive in the middle of the third act and leave before the first curtain, staying just long enough to decide who is the hero and who is the villain.” John Dewey: “The real purpose of democracy is human freedom. Don’t give up on democracy, try to improve the press, and through it the education of the public. This way, democracy will improve.” Australian journalist John Pilger: “secretive power loathes journalists who do their job, who push back screens, peer behind facades, lift rocks. Opprobrium from on high is their badge of honor.” We look at how the government is lying to us But what IS journalism? Blogs Newspapers The Onion?! No, based on things that we produce but it’s not real journalism. Lou Dobbs on CNN? John Stossel on ABC News? No, because they don’t actually
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Journalism 2601 - Journalism 2601 What is Journalism And...

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