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11/27 Carp - “The Age of Melancholy” -Incidence of depression greater post-WWII -Continuing rise among men & women -Increase in college students with “severe psychological problems” Medications: The Self and the Social -Cure vs. enhancement -The same in an enhancement culture -The role of medicalization ~40% increase in psychotropic drugs over the last decade Medicalization of Unhappiness -More depression? -medicalization -The process by which more & more problems of everyday life are defined as medical entities (without an unique expertise) -Two processes: 1. Conditions => medical meaning
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Medical practice to eliminate experiences defined as deviant Medicalization-Took over for religion-Health=conformity-Offers us a sickness vocabulary instead of a sin vocabulary or law vocabulary ie: Im so ADD today. ADHA & Ritalin-FDA approved in 1955-1970: 150,000 children used it-1995: 2.6 million Americans-Between 1990-1995, product increased by 500%-US produces & consumes 90% of worlds supply of Ritalin The Paradoxes of Enhancement-Conformity vs. individualism-We consume & produce ET vs. guilt vs. judgmentalism...
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