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09_04 thinking about the social

09_04 thinking about the social - g 9/11 has shaped us i...

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I. Thinking about the Social a. Social structures and institutions b. Social networks c. Social norms d. Social control e. Social inequality f. Social fragmentation g. Who are you and how have you been brought into the social environment? II. The Social and the Individual – “The Promise” in The Sociological Imagination  by C.  Wright Mills a. Red Scare b. Mid 20 th  century c. Aftermath of the Holocaust d. Cold War e. Talks in gender way, uses “he” and “him” f. Sociological imagination i. Links biography and history 1. We are not impoverished if we can understand ourselves not on  the individual level 2. Achieve American Dream 3. More individualistic than other cultures 4. After 60s, self help movement 5. How to help the south
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6. Can’t find ourselves by looking into ourselves 7. U.S. vs Russia/Japan/etc. 8. World tension 9. Factors that shape Mills
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Unformatted text preview: g. 9/11 has shaped us i. Increased patriotism/security/loss of privacy ii. War in Iraq h. Mills- “the facts of contemporary history are also the facts of each man and woman” i. “Men” feel as if their private lives are a series of traps 1. They move vicariously and remain spectators ii. Society is industrialized 1. Peasant is a worker 2. When wars happen, insurance salesman becomes rocket launcher iii. Baby boomers iv. Echo boomers (video) 1. Locating a social group 2. Daily activities- hyper/over-scheduling 3. History of childhood globally 4. Value of being attatched to children has changed generation to generation 5. Meaning of childhood different in eras 6. Teamwork 7. Technology 8. Competition/pressure 9. Consumers 10. Conformity 11. Class specific...
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09_04 thinking about the social - g 9/11 has shaped us i...

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