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Carter Lindborg Question 9 Title : Transgenic bovine chimeric offspring produced from somatic cell-derived stem- like cells. Authors : Jose B. Cibelli, Stevem L. Stice, Paul J. Golveke, Jeff J. Kane, Joseph Jerry, Cathy Blackwell, F. Abel Ponce de León, James M. Kobl Journal Name : Nature Biotechnology Volume # 16 Pages 642-646 Year of Publication : 1998 Article Summary : The authors of the article developed a new method of producing transgenic embryonic stem cells using nuclear transplantation. The cells they worked with came from fetal bovine fibroblasts rather than from mice. This was important because previously, extraction of embryonic stem cells from large species and development of these cells into pluripotent stem cell lines had been largely unsuccessful. The point of their experiment was to develop a method by which bovine stem cells could efficiently be produced. Once this method was developed the cells produced by it needed to be tested in vivo by using them to produce chimeras.
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Unformatted text preview: Once the researchers had obtained success in these two objectives they needed to come up with an efficient method for genetically modifying the stem cells produced. Through their findings the researchers demonstrated that bovine somatic cells could be de-differentiated after genetic modification resulting in genetically modified embryonic stem-like cells. The demonstration of this opens the possibility of using these somatic cells in cell therapy and studies of differentiation. How I found the article: Using Google Scholar I used the keywords chimeric, transgenic, animal, and research. I then when down the list of articles, chose one that looked promising and looked at the journal’s page for online submission. Seeing that there were instructions not only for how to submit research articles but also for how to review them I came to the realization that this was a peer reviewed journal and thus a viable, though slightly old article....
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