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Spring 2009 BIOL 2051 General Microbiology Laboratory Midterm Study Guide There will be four parts to the midterm: Section A – you will have to do a streak plate and perform a Gram stain. You will have 20 minutes to do & view your Gram stain at the beginning of the lab Monday/Tuesday March 9/10. Section B – questions about a set of materials (tubes, plates, etc) on the bench top in front of you. Section C – questions about images you have seen through the microscope. These images will be shown to you by PowerPoint presentation. Section D – short answer questions. I. Stains Stain Structure/ chemical stained Primary stain Mord ant Decolorizer Counterst ain Result Organisms to remember Simple Highlight the entire microorganism so that cellular shapes and basic structures are visible Methylene blue; safranin; crystal violet water Stain cocci, baccili, filimintus Gram differentiates between gram positive and gram negative bacteria Crystal violet Iodine Ethanol Safranin Gram postive - purple; gram negative - red e. coli, staphylococcus aureua, spirosoma linguale Endospore endospore stained by counterstain and vegetative cell is stained by the primary stain Malachite green heat Water safranin Endospore - green; vegetative cell - pink/red Clostridium and Bacillus; bacillus megaterium, bacillus sphaericus Acid-fast Cells that are not acid fast lose the primary stain during decolorization; egg albumin used to make the smear; mycobacterium from non mycobacterium carol-fuchsin heat acid-alcohol Methylene blue acid fast or mycobacteria - pink; not acid fast or non mycobacteria - blue Mycobacterium Capsule stains the background and cell, but leaves the capsule clear; capsulated from uncapsulated Congo Red water Maneval's Stain Background - dark purple-red; cell are red to reddish brown; capsules - clear Azotobacter vinelandii - polysaccharide capsule; Bacillus anthracis - polypeptide capsule
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II. Selective and differential media in the MPN Medium Selective agent Selective for: Differential component Differential for: Visible indication of differential component: LSL broth Lauryl sulfate Intestinal bacteria Lactose Fermentation Bubbles in the inverted Durham tubes BGLB broth brilliant green & bile Coliforms Lactose Fermentation Gas formation in Durham tubes EMB agar Eosin and methylene blue Inhibit growth of gram positive and select for gram negative Fermentable carbohydrate lactose Lactose fermenters from non-lactose fermenters Lactose fermenters - drop in pH, uptake of dyes; non-lactose fermenters - pale or colorless colonies on EMB agar I. General tips: Things to study: 1. Background material, materials used, procedures, and expected results for each experiment. 2.
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2051_midtermstudyguide - Spring 2009 BIOL 2051 General...

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