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Relevance of Evolution

Relevance of Evolution - medicine one that can benefit...

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Gardner Yost February 2009 Evolutionary Biology Relevance of Evolution I believe that evolution, in the most intimate way, is critical to a worldly understanding of the principals of biology and health. It, in my opinion, would be extremely irresponsible to only study the nature of current biological processes with no regard for how these processes (structures, ect) came to exist. To do this would be to ignore vital information that can certainly provide insight into the future. In an elementary sense, the study of evolution mandates the same logic as that of history: that if we do not heed history, we are doomed to repeat. Obviously this analogy does not apply directly apply, however, the idea is similar. I intend to pursue a career in
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Unformatted text preview: medicine, one that can benefit enormously from the complete understanding of evolutionary processes in many ways including the co-evolution of disease and host. Additionally, I agree that, regardless of intended profession, the principals of Biology are made infinitely more clear and relevant in the context of evolution, the process that so clearly has generated, in a most spectacular magnitude, all the life on this earth. Any person who is even remotely curious about how they came to be as an organism, how the world around them can to be as an ecosystem deserves an understanding of the processes of evolution....
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