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Ramen Noodles Taste description

Ramen Noodles Taste description - fingers and late night...

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Gardner Yost February 2, 2009 Food and Cuisine Taste Description Primal and salty, the first bite is best, the remainder of the bowl struggles to reach the heights of gratification, satisfying warmth, intense concentrated flavor. Slurp, suck, spoon, fork, knife, anything to transport the helical ribbons of delight as fast as possible from steaming bowl to mouth, no regard for appearances, or sounds of desperate, barbaric consumption. Exotic, yet innately comforting the broth is complex, its undertones reminiscent of snow days, cold
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Unformatted text preview: fingers, and late night cravings. The rising steam, scented heavily, tickles the nostrils, and nips at the back of the throat in peppery anticipation. A harbinger of the rustic saline broth to follow I lower my face into the curling wisps and breathe deeply if only for ceremony, this isn’t for lingering over, its briny overtones are for immediate gratifaction . Soothing, we hope the fulfillment warrants the lurking knowledge of the staggering figures in the nutritional table....
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